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Hand sculpted and carved jewelry designs created by Michelle Hoerdemann. She is a self taught artist who has been creating jewelry by hand  for nearly 20 years. She works with porcelain clay in order to be able to create any shape or size as well as use a variety of items to make unique imprints into the clay. She enjoys the whole process of creating something from complete scratch so to speak. A raw piece of clay eventually becomes a delicate piece of jewelry that looks like pure gold.  She also has available about every color you can think of, she takes custom orders too. Another part of the joy Michelle gets from her art is listening to her clients talk about what they think an abstract design looks like. She has sold in a variety of venues such as boutiques, hospital gift shops, artisan shops, art fairs, home shows, department stores. Michelle is an executive member of Fashion Group International Chicago and will be showing at Santa Fe Fashion Week in June 2018. Michelle was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Week December 29,2017 by ABC's Rebecca Jarvis for her "No Limits" interviews and Podcasts.